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Monday, 17 January 2011

Jewels by me

These are some of the pendants and necklaces that Ive designed over the last few months, hopefully I'll carry on making more and I've got a few rings being made as we I will post those up when they arrive.

...I might even love jewllery more than shoes! wait, I take that back, I love them both equally.


  1. lovely pictures :) nice blog :)
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  2. Hi Penny, just stumbled across your blog! Really enjoying it. These pieces of jewellery are incredible, are you going to be selling any? They beat Freedom any day... Dulcie xx

  3. lovely pics

    how did u find the crystals??!

  4. Hi Penny - Love the your jewllery, are u selling anywhere? You should try selling pieces on ASOS Marketplace, we've just started selling our vintage wears on their site. I would really love to buy some of the pieces.

    Abi - VJA