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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Daniel Details

 photo danielshoesfashionfade_zpsd4ae36d2.jpg  photo danielshowsfashionfade2_zpsfe9f6c03.jpg  photo danielfootwearfashionfade5_zpse3ed8bf4.jpg  photo danielfootwearfashionfade3_zps687676ff.jpg

(Dress c/o Spell Designs, Boots c/o Daniel Footwear, bra H&M, necklace H&M, socks Topshop)

Hey guys! I'm ill this week which absolutely sucks (everyone get out your tiny violins) Obviously if I was better, I'd be going on some super romantic date with an absolute hunk tomorrow, but you know, these things happen! (Totally going to sit in with a glass of wine, a tub of ice cream and a soppy Hugh grant film for company)

In the meantime, I just wanted to do a quick post to show you guys my amazing boots from the guys at Daniel footwear. These black leather beauties have been a god send in the snow and as I'm the clumsiest person ever, I definitely benefit from a practical shoe in these conditions (I'm talking Bambi on Ice people) They're amazing quality and I feel like they'll look even more beautiful when I've worn them to death! You can grab yourselves a pair HERE.  And I'll defo be posting in these soon when Im better!

Anyways, have a beautiful Valentines day everyone whatever you're doing and to all my single ladies, remember that it's only one day of the year and boys are rubbish anyway.

Lots of love always

Penny xo


  1. I actually laughed at your boys are rubbish comment, arent they just?!
    anyway, love those boots..theyre aewsome

  2. This is such a beautiful post - LOVE your blog! xo

  3. I am genuinely shocked that I've only just came across your blog. Your outfit choice is spot on and I've found myself drooling over your wardrobe and extensive jewellery collection in your previous posts. You are most definitely my new blogger style icon.

    ♥ Leigh

  4. Those boots are so amazing, the dress too! Feel better soon xx

  5. Boots are gorgeous!!
    S xx

  6. Those boots are amazing

    A little bit Unique


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  7. they're beautiful x

  8. Hey penny, I'm a new blogger and I was just looking through some blogs, as you do and I came across yours- (obviously). I love your style, it's so different and edgy and I just love it... it's something I hope to capture in my 'fashion creations'! Amazing!

  9. Such cool boots! and the jewelry too Xx

  10. My Valentines plans very closely resemble yours, who needs boys when you have wine and Hugh Grant!
    The boots are lush, I could definitely do with a pair in this atrocious weather!

  11. Ahh I love you! Yes boys are rubbish, we don't really need them because we girls run the world!
    The boots are great x

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  12. I enjoyed this post a little too much! There definitely should be a day for just women where boys don't get involved! Love the boots, check out my new blog


    §± xxxx

  13. Love the boots! Your style is one of a kind!


  14. i love the dress and boots!

  15. Cute boots, and I love what you did to your blog! It looks really nice, wish I knew how.

    Miles, from

  16. In love with your blog - now following!

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    Thanks! Charlie xx

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    thankyou xxx

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