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Monday, 30 September 2013

Mary Mary, quite contrary....

 photo motelfashionfade_zps773736bb.jpg  photo motelfashionfade2_zps4f11ab8b.jpg  photo motelfashionfade3_zps97e9822d.jpg  photo motelfashionfade1_zpsbf256bbe.jpg  photo motelfashionfade5_zpscdc0781c.jpg  photo motelfashionfade9_zps8e846faa.jpg (Dress c/o Motel, hat vintage, necklace Forever21 Japan, boots New Look ... dreadlocks Teddy's own)

So this is just a little throw back to two weeks ago when it was a lot sunnier and the perfect weather to wear this beautiful dress from the guys over at Motel. Their stuff is amazing and Ive even seen it creeping on to NastyGal! I decided to style it pretty simply with a trusty old hat (my dad's from when he went through a stage of thinking he was a cowboy after a family trip to Florida) and my every day boots which are an absolute steal from New Look (24.99 I think) and I wear them all the time with boot harnesses etc. to jazz them up.

Anyways, once again I've left it a while to post, but Im not as much of a nightmare as I used to be! You can all follow me on instagram as well @penelopesarah if you'd like to look at lots of photos of Teddy/my food/my face :) ... mainly Teddy.

Cant wait to most some more wintery outfits for you guys as this is my favourite time of the year and I'm always far happier in a beanie and a massive jumper.

Lots of love & Keep it street



  1. This is so beautiful! You look stunning, I love your hair xo

  2. Lovely outfit x

  3. i want that dress!! perfect color and pattern. i'm drooling


  4. Such a pretty print!
    S xx

  5. Motel Rocks is great for discounts! It's really growing on me. Nice hat

    Annie x

  6. love the necklace, perfect with that dress!

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  8. Love this ! such an interesting print

  9. Gorgeous dress, your such a stunner <3

  10. Beautiful dress! Looks so lovely with your hair and the hat, just works so well!

    Lots of love, Alex from Bambella Blog xxx

  11. Love this outfit, need that hat, looking cool.

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