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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

She's in Fashion

 photo soinfashionfashionfade_zps657c093c.jpg  photo soinfashionfashionfadebaia_zps703d072c.jpg  photo soinfashionfashionfade5_zps1fd365c0.jpg  photo soinfashionfashionfade2_zpsdfc27f41.jpg  photo soinfashionfashionfade1_zpsa6782725.jpg  photo soinfashionfashionfade6_zps9d2d4cf5.jpg (Hat vintage, kimono c/o Soinfashion, silk slip vintage, shorts H&M, bag Baia

Ok, so I just got back from Korea and Tokyo where my Iphone broke (yeah... I threw an absolute bitch fit due to the fact that its normally surgically attached to my hand/face) so apologies once again for the lack of posts. (These late post apologies seem obligatory these days) Anyway...back to talking about clothes, this cream kimono is pretty much my new best friend. The weather's taken a bit of a cold turn since these shots were taken but I love layering Summer pieces with knitwear and a leather jacket in winter to brighten up the dark days and cold nights. So I'll do another post of that too. But if you want a jazzy winter kimono, check out SoInFashion Here! .... obviously I'm considering getting the black too.  I decided to team the fringed dream with my trusty H&M shorts and my Baia clutch that was a gift from my lovely friend Susy who makes dreamy bags that are just perfect, check her out here.

Meanwhile, I hate to be that guy but I'm pretty happy that the weather's getting colder, I feel like I dress myself better in the cold.... Bring on the faux fur and leather pants.

Love and smiles,




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  4. That hair, that jewellery. Perfect <3

  5. That kimono is so gorgeous
    S xx

  6. OMG love this! You are beautiful! Great outfit :D


  7. Oh no! RIP phone, I don't know what I'd do without mine so I feel your pain!
    Lovely outfit, that kimono is gorge :)
    Hope you had an amazing time in Korea and Tokyo, I'd love to go there someday! xxx

  8. Oh wow you look incredible, how annoying you lost your phone! Im constantly attached to mine too, im addicted!!

    Love the kimono too going to check out so in fashion for a winter one now!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  9. outfits are always so amazing!!
    the kimono is perfect and your gorgeous!!

  10. your photos are always so cool! love that kimono


  11. beautiful outfit, you always look so effortless yet stunning xxx

  12. Amazing kimono! Love the way you take your photos too, mine would look ridiculous if I attempted to do them in this style! x

  13. Okay this photography is amazing! It's different from other styles of photos I've seen and it works so well! Love the outfit
    Katie x

  14. very fascinating for me

  15. Wonderful look! love the boho vibe of it!

  16. This look fits you perfectly!

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  17. I will bookmark your blog and have my friends check up here often.
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  18. I am absolutely in love with this outfit!

  19. that kimono is gorgeous! x