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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rose Pose

 photo missguidedskirtfashionfade9_zps5630fe13.jpg  photo missguidedskirtfashionfade5_zps38af97c1.jpg  photo missguidedskirtfashionfade3_zpsc9633548.jpg  photo missguiedskirtfashionfade12_zps1ad46236.jpg  photo missguidedskirtfashionfade11_zps8ea0e120.jpg  photo missguidedskirtfashionfade13_zpsdc71f9c3.jpg  photo missguidedskirtfashionfade8_zps9ba64d3f.jpg  photo missguidedskirtfashionfade14_zps6bab3f8a.jpg (Hat vintage, top Primark, belt vintage, skirt c/o Missguided, bag Baia Bags, gold cuffs Claire's Accessories, rings assorted)

So I'm back. My new year's resolution was to post more and seeing as it's the 22nd of January and I'm only just posting, I'm guessing that you can see that it hasn't gone exactly to plan!

I actually have lots of stuff to show you guys and lots of outfit posts too. Work has been crazy and I've just got back from a week in Berlin at the Bread & Butter trade show. But rest assured, I will be back in your blog reading lives with a vengeance.  Anyways, less about me and how completely rubbish I am and back to my outfit...

This skirt is an absolute dream. I knew from the moment I saw it that this would be the beginning of a truly beautiful friendship. It looks a little long on me, partly because I'm pretty short but also because I  have flat ankle boots on... but I kinda like having a train following me round. It makes me feel special so it's all good.

The hat is a long lost treasure that I found in my dad's wardrobe at home. He bought it on a trip to Florida when I was ten along with a pair of very questionable cowboy boots (he wore it first Ke$ha) ... but anyway, it's mine now and I couldn't be happier about it! I teamed the hat and skirt of dreams with some chunky gold cuffs and my custom made baia bucket bag to add a bit of hardware. Hope you like it!

Lots of love and unicorns




  1. Love this outfit, that skirt is gorge! <3 I think the length looks great! :)


  2. These are amazing, stunning pictures! You are absolutely beautiful xo

  3. The skirt is amazing!
    And I love it paired with the belt.
    Great post :)

    Please check out my beauty blog xx

  4. you look sooo pretty! that skirt is amazing!
    - Charlotte

  5. that skirt is gorgeous!


  6. That hat is such a lucky find! x

  7. Such a fab skirt, you look stunning! xx

  8. your pictures are amazing, love your style too xx

  9. This look fits you perfectly!

    Give a look to our online store and meet Rüga's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. We are sure you gonna love it!

  10. This is the prettiest skirt! x

  11. Great post! Your blog is beautiful! Its clear to see that a lot of love goes into producing the content. I'm now your new biggest fan!

    Becki xxx

  12. Very cool. Love the hat.

  13. super:)) x

  14. Great Outfit :)

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  16. Wow love this skirt, looks great with the belt

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