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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Flowers are Forever

 photo SAM_0635_zpsr5fatl9b.jpg  photo SAM_0647_zpsaym99vrl.jpg  photo SAM_0633_zpsm4y8tjkq.jpg  photo SAM_0632_zpsjr4ipevs.jpg (Flowers: The rosebud bouquet by Appleyard London)

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous bunch of flowers from the guys over at Appleyard London. Normally I don't review things that aren't fashion related but recently I've felt like I'd love to introduce a wider range of posts featuring my travels and other things that I get up to ... You know, other than wearing clothes!

But I'm not writing this post just to gloat about my beautiful flowers, because I have a treat for you guys too. If you'd like to treat a loved one, or yourself, or your dog to a beautiful bunch of blooms then you can also use my exclusive code MANC33 to get yourself 33% off Next day flowers with Appleyard.

...Unfortunately the puppy isn't included but they did last a whopping 10 days which was pretty impressive!

Let me know if you do use the code! I'd love to hear which bouquet you select!

Peace, Love and flowery things




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  2. Those are so pretty, I love flowers but I usually never buy any! x

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