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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Lazy workwear

 photo fashionfadeblack5_zps9c63c2bc.jpg  photo fashionfadeblack4_zpsacaf72a5.jpg  photo fashionfadeblack6_zpsda292093.jpg  photo fashionfadeblack3_zpsd1673e8a.jpg  photo fashionfadeblack7_zps12173935.jpg  photo fashionfadeblack6_zpsda292093.jpg  photo fashionfadeblack_zps0e72ff16.jpg

 photo fashionfadeback7_zps6da05641.jpg (dress H&M, necklaces from ebay and primark, bag Monki, shoes from a lovely little shop I found in Tokyo)

Quite often, I get asked what I wear to work and to be honest, there isn't really a simple answer to this. What I wear to work changes daily depending on my mood, whether I've had enough sleep and whether I have any meetings that actually involve me interacting with other human beings in a professional manner. So to sum up... I couldn't really tell you what I wear to work, but this is an outfit that I wore to work. Im pretty happy that I work in a relaxed, creative environment as the thought of "office wear" makes me want to curl up and have a panic attack.

The shoes are one of my favourite ever purchases from my travels to Japan, I found them in a small store near Harajuku for £20 and had to have them. The only thing that put me off was that the shoes were labelled small medium and large and after trying to squeeze my feet into a medium, I had to admit that my size 5 tootsies were infact a Japanese Large.

The dress was a sale find in H&M for £7 an is already a wardrobe staple. Baggy midi dresses are basically all I wear these days and they show off a statement pair of manly brogues perfectly (you know, showing off a sassy bit of calf) The bag was another sale find from Monki via ASOS and is so dreamy that I don't ever want it to not be by my side. get yours HERE

So there you have it... a pretty much unanswered question about what I wear to work but some photos of me in an outfit anyway!

OH ... and my hair is short. after years of abuse with bleach and hair extensions and various other terrible things, Im giving my head a break (its probably going to last about a week but we'll see)

Lots of love



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  1. Nice look! Love those shoes <3

    X Nora /

  2. love your rings!

    xx nikki

  3. im in love with this outfit like you wouldn't believe!!!

    Aine Oh

  4. That bag is gorgeous <3 xx

  5. Love the silhouette of the dress and how you paired it with the shoes and socks! x

  6. ahhh im obsessed with this outfit! love love love it

  7. Adore your hair short. A yes from me.

  8. Love the bag and shoes - so cute!!

    Carmen Ri.

  9. lovin those chic accessories

  10. Your accessories are so on point!

    The Crown Wings

  11. I love this outfit, i would wear this to work everyday !


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  13. Lovely outfit!


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